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2024-04-19 11:56:22 -05:00
alacritty/.config/alacritty updated alacritty font situation. 2023-12-19 15:49:59 -06:00
beets/.config/beets added venn.nvim 2022-10-03 10:12:26 -05:00
dunst/.config/dunst more ports from nixos. 2024-04-08 09:23:33 -05:00
fish/.config/fish added fish configurations 2024-02-23 12:57:28 -06:00
git changed everything to spaces over tabs. 2024-02-22 16:10:47 -06:00
i3/.config changed vim keybindings a bit. 2024-04-19 11:56:22 -05:00
khal/.config/khal implemented config for pimutils. TODO: list of programs needed is starting to become large. For example, this commit introduces the reqirement of a pass password store. make some documentation. 2020-05-31 11:27:00 -05:00
khard/.config/khard changed everything to spaces over tabs. 2024-02-22 16:10:47 -06:00
kitty/.config/kitty added colourscheme to kitty. 2023-11-02 19:20:28 -05:00
latexmk ajusted latexmk 2020-11-08 23:52:42 -06:00
mpd/.config/mpd discovered the dunst stack-tag system. 2023-09-24 18:32:02 -05:00
ncmpcpp/.ncmpcpp changed everything to spaces over tabs. 2024-02-22 16:10:47 -06:00
neovim start of a nixvim setup. 2024-03-19 16:57:23 -05:00
nushell/.config/nushell fixed pyactivate. 2024-04-18 10:29:54 -05:00
nvim_minimal/.config/nvim changed everything to spaces over tabs. 2024-02-22 16:10:47 -06:00
paru/.config/paru switched paru editor to yazi. 2023-10-25 17:46:23 -05:00
scripts changed everything to spaces over tabs. 2024-02-22 16:10:47 -06:00
ssh/.ssh added systemd unit to autostart ssh-agent 2023-03-23 21:09:34 -05:00
ssh-agent-systemd/.config/systemd/user added vim_minimal config, for server nvim setups. 2023-06-21 22:32:39 -05:00
starship/.config fixed pyactivate. 2024-04-18 10:29:54 -05:00
tmux minor tweaks to tmux.conf. 2024-02-28 16:43:19 -06:00
todoman/.config/todoman updated todoman config. config format and name changed. 2021-06-05 23:58:52 -05:00
vdirsyncer/.config/vdirsyncer documented external dependencies, gave some stuff a spring cleaning. 2023-08-10 01:11:53 -05:00
vifm/.config/vifm changed everything to spaces over tabs. 2024-02-22 16:10:47 -06:00
vim changed everything to spaces over tabs. 2024-02-22 16:10:47 -06:00
w3m/.w3m started migrating neovim to init.lua. 2021-09-06 23:07:40 -05:00
work start of a nix home-manager configuration. 2024-03-18 18:04:46 -05:00
x11 seperated zellij out a bit more. 2024-03-23 00:14:22 -05:00
x11hidpi changed everything to spaces over tabs. 2024-02-22 16:10:47 -06:00
xorg_conf changed method of setting caps to ctrl, should survive hotplugging. 2023-10-20 15:30:21 -05:00
yazi/.config/yazi changed everything to spaces over tabs. 2024-02-22 16:10:47 -06:00
zathura/.config/zathura mouse changes were causing problems, removed them. added ~/scripts to PATH. added basic zathuraRC 2021-02-22 14:01:21 -06:00
zellij/.config/zellij changed all zellij keybinds to start with alt to reduce keybind conflicts. 2024-03-06 16:16:54 -06:00
zsh start of a nix home-manager configuration. 2024-03-18 18:04:46 -05:00
.gitignore added more stuff to nushell. 2024-02-25 17:40:39 -06:00
LICENSE Add LICENSE 2018-01-23 08:25:57 +00:00 added i3status-rust and betterlockscreen. 2024-04-12 22:04:17 -05:00

all of my dotfiles, managed with ([stow]


I am working on migrating my dotfiles to nix, to allow configuration and installation in a single step. In order to use the nix setup, you need to install nix and enable flakes, then run nix run --extra-experimental-features "nix-command flakes" --no-write-lock-file github:nix-community/home-manager/ -- --extra-experimental-features "nix-command flakes" --flake . switch, while in the nix directory. from then on, you can update your configuration after making a change with home-manager --flake . switch. Alternatively, if you have just installed, you can use just boostrap and just switch, instead.


This does not list the package manager dependencies of the programs the dotfiles are for, but any extra dependencies that are needed for the specific configuration.


GNU stow is used to manage individual dotfiles 'packages'.


uses hack for a font, dont need a patched nerd font, normal ttf-hack (or any other font) combined with ttf-nerd-fonts-symbols will do.


you dont need a patched Nerd Font, normal ttf-fira-code combined with ttf-nerd-fonts-symbols will do. Can also change what font is used easily, but always needs the nerd-font symbols.


Will need installed if using on alacritty, availible in AUR (only needed for image previews). also has optional dependencies on jq, unarchiver, ffmpegthumbnailer, fd, ripgrep, fzf, zoxide, and poppler


Uses zathura as a pdf previewer.


Setup to output audio through pipewire


These are all the programs that i3 calls somewhere in its config, whether that be keybinds, startup applications, etc.

  • alacritty or kitty (currently uses kitty, just comment out one line or the other in the i3 conf to switch)
  • cool retro term
  • betterlockscreen
  • brightnessctl
  • xdotool
  • maim (screenshot program)
  • xcolor (color picker)
  • mpc (mpd stuff, remove relevant keybinds if you dont use mpd)
  • pavucontrol
  • geoclue (geolocation dameon)
  • feh (for setting desktop wallpaper)
  • dunst
  • i3status-rust
  • xclip
  • playerctl
  • upower
  • gnome-keyring (for login management in, for example, nextcloud. See for details.)

x11 and x11hidpi

These are mutually exclusive directories, one is for hi-dpi screens. They have the same requirements otherwise. These .xinitrc's are setup to launch i3, with the config package in this repo.


Dont stow this directory, but place the files you want (each one has comments describing its purpose) into /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/.


If you want a neovim config that does not require external dependencies, install the nvim_minimal config.

For the status line, and other icons: any nerd font patched font, and your terminal setup to use it. (the included alacritty config is set up for it)

For packer:

  • git

For Mason.nvim:

  • unzip
  • wget
  • curl
  • gzip
  • tar
  • bash
  • python
  • node and npm
  • cargo
  • pip

For treesitter:

  • gcc
  • git
  • node

For neovim clipboard:

  • xclip if using x
  • waycopy and waypaste, or wl-copy and wl-paste, if using wayland (untested)

For telescope:

  • ripgrep
  • fd

Fish, zsh, and nushell

  • nvim ($EDITOR and $VISUAL is set to this)
  • less
  • fzf
  • optional: zoxide (nicer cd)
  • optional: starship (nice prompt)

Software used by aliases:

  • nvim
  • sudo
  • latexmk
  • espeak-ng
  • tre
  • feh
  • libreoffice (for word to pdf conversions)
  • sshfs


Nushell currently also needs fish installed for comlpletions.


uses yazi as a file explorer


for accurate mimetype info, I suggest installing perl-file-mimeinfo


For diff tools, install git-delta and difftastic. I also reccomend installing lazygit and/or tig

Khal and Khard:

both require the vdirsyncer program and config.


Dont use the config unmodified, as it currently points to my server, you will need to replace the relevant urls and usernames. Also, you will need pass installed and with your password set on your nextcloud domain.


starship is a program for a very nice CLI promt, including a ton of info about the current git repo. Optional for zsh and fish, mandatory for nushell.